Change is inevitable in all areas of our lives as some point or another, you either embrace it or you resist it! How much change have you experienced over the last few months in your personal and your work life? How did you react and how easy was it for you? If you resist and fight against change, you create a problem and most likely, you will be the one to suffer the most and be very stressed in the end. However, if you are flexible and you welcome change, you will be adaptable and more opportunities will open up for you, especially in the working environment.

The way we perceive change can vary from person to person regarding the same situation. Some see change as an opportunity, a very positive experience while others see change as something to avoid and even fear. Who do you think will be able to cope with the change better? The former of course! So one needs to realize the importance and the impact that their perception has on the way they feel about the situation. Two people can look at the same situation but see it completely differently.   “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer!

Instead of avoiding change or reacting negatively, why not proactively search for a way to be part of the solution and ways to make change successful and enjoyable. Try to take charge of the situation and manage your feelings and emotions.

Take some quiet time out to reflect and mentally go over what this change means. Thinking about the proposed change, ask yourself ¨Is this change going to affect me positively or negatively? What are the consequences and what does it mean for me? What opportunities could this change bring? How can I make the most of this change?

When you take time out to think about the situation, you will gain much more clarity, you will feel much more in control of what is happening. It is very common as ¨beings¨ to think that if we have thoughts running through our mind about something, we are thinking about it, but we are not, they are just thoughts. There is a huge difference between thoughts and thinking and it is when we stop to think about our thoughts and then balance them, that we make real progress.

Always ask yourself: ¨How can I take control of the situation and create a positive outcome for myself and those around me?

To your success!

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