Time Management Tip 2 – Sharpen your focus!

No doubt you have heard it before, one of the most common time thieves is a lack of focus. You may have heard it before, but you might not realize the extent that ‘focus’ influences time. Not only do you waste time when you jump from one thing to the other, but you also instantly undermine the quality of the work done.

If you were able to stay focused on the task of hand, with minimal interruptions and distractions, would you not only do a better job but a faster one too? Most likely…

Staying focused and being able to concentrate for longer periods is like a muscle, the stronger it is, the easier it is.

Start building your ‘focus’ muscle and increase your productivity instantly

    • Before starting a task, get clear on the outcome you are working towards – this helps to focus your efforts.
    • Do brain training games – this makes it easier to get and stay focused – train your brain muscles!
    • Listen to music (focus@will) that has been created to increase your ability to focus – scientifically proven
    • Eat specific foods to give your brain the energy it needs to stay focused –coffee, proteins and whole grains,etc
    • Time yourself! Give yourself a time limit to complete the task. You will feel more focused and complete the task in less time.
    • Stop multi-tasking (see below)
    • If you are serious about getting focused – put your mobile on silent, close your email and internet and put some headphones on to cut out outer distractions.

Did you know that when you multi-task, you take 20% to 40% longer to finish the jobs than doing them one by one?

Tip 2 – Stop multi-tasking and get more focused…

Contrary to what most people believe, multi-tasking does not free up more time, you actually take longer to complete the task and you compromise your efforts. Multi-tasking is only useful when you are doing tasks that require minimal thinking. Filing, for example, can be a task where you do not need to think, simply punch and file away papers or you might need to be very attentive and question the best location for each paper.

The point is that multi-tasking spreads your focus too thin…it is just no realistic to try to do two things at once if they each require a certain amount of concentration. Not only do you take longer to complete the task, but you use up more mental energy trying to re-focus your thoughts all the time.

It is easier to improve your time management skills when you start one by one!

If you haven’t seen time management tip 1 – go here!

To your Success!


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