Nutcache is a cloud-based collaborative project management application developed by Canadian company Dynacom Technologies. This collaborative tool has a unique approach to project management that ensures speed and streamlines many organizational processes.

The developers of Nutcache are proud of this innovative software that helps businesses to “TEAM UP. ORGANIZE. TRACK. GET PAID.”

This year, the Nutcache team re-launched the application with more advanced project management and collaborative features, based on Kanban Agile model. In fact, it is the flexibility of Nutcache that makes it a perfect fit for every business, irrespective of the project management model they adopt.

Nutcache, named as one of the best collaborative solutions, serves more than 100,000 happy customers as we write this review. It is also featured in Mashable, Softonic, CrunchBase, etc.

Project Management

The project management features of Nutcache allow users to gather everything into one cohesive place. Users can create or keep existing boards, attachments, worked hours, expenses, and invoices in one single platform.

Its simplicity is what we like the most and since everything is located in one cohesive place, you just need to select the right to carry the desired action.

You can create a new project right from the project screen or open an existing dashboard. In fact, you have a wide range of options available from managing clients and projects to view reports and send invoices, without even leaving the page. There are video tutorials available right on this page, making the whole thing super simple and seamless.

Project Management




Project Dashboards

Here you can get a quick overview of your projects’ status. The nine graphic indicators actually amazed us with their detailed insights including your projects’ advancement and profitability. All information is available in real-time.

You get reports like total worked hours, total invoiced vs. estimated amounts, and incurred costs vs. estimated costs. The easy-to-understand graphic indicators help you:

  • Analyze your billable vs. non-billable ratio
  • Compare actual with estimated data
  • See how much worked hours are yet to be billed to your client

Project Dashboards




Collaborative Boards

When Nutcache was about to launch its collaborative project management update, it claimed to shake the collaborative industry in one of its press releases. The team has indeed lived up to the expectations, making collaboration easier like never before. Organizations can invite employees, clients and other collaborators to work together on projects and share project advancement notes, ideas, comments and documents right from the board. It allows users to:

  • Create boards for specific projects
  • Organize boards with lists and cards
  • Invoice an entire board
  • Get an overview of critical data right from the board

Collaborative Dashboards



The collaborative feature of Nutcache is made up of boards, lists and cards, representing a workflow. Users can put together various information in the cards including worked hours, checklists, attached documents, and expenses. We really liked the way these cards are linked with Nutcache’s time tracking and expenses modules, which makes billing customers a matter of few clicks.

Using the cards and lists, you can:

  • Organize lists to reflect overall workflow
  • Set deadlines and estimated time for each card
  • Drag cards from one list to another as work progresses

We would also like to use lists and cards of Nutcache’s collaborative boards as containers for ideas and tasks that are not necessarily a part of the workflow.

Collaborative Dashboards 2




Project & Time Tracking

Nutcache was originally developed as a time tracking tool. We were therefore quite optimistic about its efficiency and effectiveness of its time management functionality. What we found really interesting is the way this tool gives total control to the users to know where their projects stand at any given time.

You can obviously track the time spent on each task. You can log your employees’ hours spent on various projects on the go and bill your client accordingly.

  • It displays a calendar view by day/week/month along with worked hours by project/employee
  • Associate worked hours for an employee spent on a specific project
  • Bill hours worked on a specific project

Time Tracking

In addition to its collaborative boards, Nutcache’s invoicing features really impressed us. Businesses can create professional estimates and invoices in seconds featuring their own company logo.

The Nutcache application can even create automated invoices from approved estimates.

Remaining true to the “GET PAID”part of its tagline, Nutcache is integrated with major payment gateways, abolishing the need to collect or deposit checks. It accepts credit cards and online payments via:

  • PayPal
  • net
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout




Real-Time Reporting

Just like many of its competitors, Nutcache allows real-time reporting so that businesses can monitor their performance effectively. Here are more than 30 comprehensive and flexible reports available that can be generated by a single click.

You can create both basic and advanced reports, including:

  • Customer aging
  • Payments history
  • Account statement
  • Project analysis
  • Tax summary, and more

As of now, Nutcache allows businesses to send invoices in 8 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian, and German.

Real time Reporting



Support Information

To know the technical details or for any kind of support, users can refer to the FAQ page. It also provides online support through a community forum, available in 8 different languages. Users can post issues or questions to the Nutcache community to get them resolved.

The free version of this collaborative project management tool is available for freelancers and small teams up to 2 users and 2 companies. The PRO version starts at $14 per month onwards and there is a 30-day free trial to help you make up your mind. In addition, Nutcache now offers an Enterprise package that costs $250 per month and is best suited for large enterprises.

On the Downside
So far we found none in terms of features and functionalities except for its mobile app, which only offers time tracking. Users would like to see other Nutcache features on the app as well.

However, many also complained of Nutcache being overpriced. But then if you compare the host of features, speed and security it offers, the price seems justified. And these people were mostly judging the application by its earlier version, i.e. as an invoicing and time tracking tool.

To Summarize

Feedback about Nutcache is overwhelmingly positive, including those available on the company’s official Facebook page. One of the best things about Nutcache is that it offers frequent updates and its feature selections is ever-growing, making it really impressive and most of the collaboration and project management tools available on the market aren’t developing at this rate.  It therefore won’t be an understatement to say that Nutcache is likely to be an instrumental factor to change the way we collaborate and work.

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