How to increase productivity ten-fold – How many things do you intend to do but never actually end up doing? A lot, a little, are you even aware? If the extent of your productivity is determined by the amount of things you do get done compared to the amount of things you could get done, what would your equation look like?

If you think about ways to increase productivity, you might think along the lines of traditional time management tips and techniques to implement to be more efficient with your time. This is a great approach of course, but there is another approach that is sorely overlooked.

It is simple – to be completely honest with yourself about how much you procrastinate in life. Most often, you might think that you would know when you are procrastinating; because you put off the same task again and again; right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Did you know that procrastination is one of the most common blind spots in productivity?

As you go about your day, you subconsciously make decisions every moment about what you want to do. A large part of what you decide to do is based on how you feel and so you will find the excuses why you can’t or don’t want to do something if your feelings and the task are not aligned. The excuses you give yourself and others may sound reasonable, but often it isn’t actually the real reason why.

Other examples could be when you find yourself spending a lot of time doing menial and less important tasks, you have a sense of being really busy, but you are not accomplishing much.

Do you ever struggle to prioritize or find that you have a resistance against prioritizing certain tasks? Or perhaps you are not happy in your work and you rebel by subconsciously procrastinating?

We actually procrastinate more than we know….

If you want to increase productivity – manage your procrastination now, if not…

• You are guaranteed to achieve far less in life than you could.

• You will feel stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed more often because there is a conflict between what you want to do and how you feel about it.

• You will always choose less important tasks over more important tasks and then your results will less and your progress much slower.

• You will waste time heaps of time scheduling the task, hesitating and fighting with yourself, only to eventually give in and jump to another task.

• You lose confidence in yourself when you fail to do what you want to and this makes you want to take on less in the future.

If you want to increase your productivity the best way is to be more aware of how often you procrastinate with things.

Procrastination eats away at productivity every day; adds unwanted stress and undermines every area of life. If you don’t manage your procrastination, it will manage you.

Take a more proactive role in obtaining the results you want. The only difference between extraordinary and ordinary is that little bit extra. Are you willing to put a little more in to get a lot more out?

Here are some tips on how to beat procrastination at the office now!

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