We have all experienced fear on some level and most of us know how debilitating it can make one feel, it stops you in your tracks. There are many different types of fears, some are good and some are bad, or irrational and rational. If you have a fear for your safety in a dangerous area, that is obviously a good fear, it is protecting you and keeping you safe. What about fears that don´t serve you? What about fears that stop you from achieving your dreams and hopes and moving forward? Unfortunately there are too many people who give up to easily and give into fear.

I believe there are many people who have a vision of a life they would love to have but fear stops them from ever seeking it out. In this case, it is really preventing us from doing things that would be great for us – if we could only figure out a way to confront and overcome those fears.

One of the most common fears, is a Fear of Failing. If you don´t do something because you are scared you will fail, the real failure is that you are not doing anything, if you don´t try at all, you will have 100% failure, so why not just go for it and see what happens? Take baby steps, do what you need to do to reduce that chance of failure but by not doing anything, you have already failed.

Your fears do not need to drive your beliefs, habits, behaviors; you just need to balance your perception of the fear. Try this exericise and if it doesn’t work, then take another approach, but remember, you will never know if you don´t at least try!

  1. Write down the fears, doubts and uncertainties affecting your life right now
    I’m afraid I’m not smart enough to reach my goals
    I’m afraid I’m not confident enough to reach my goals
    I am scared that I will be a big failure
  2. Then imagine what your life would be like 10 yrs from now if you keep believing these limiting thoughts? Just imagine it.
  3. Take each one and then refrain them into the positive
    I have all the confidence and intelligence I need to reach my goals.
    There is no such thing as failure, it is only feedback.
  4. Now, imagine that you really believed the ¨refrained¨ thoughts, what would your life be like 10 yrs from now?
    I am sure you can see a big difference between the two
  5. What will you need to do to lessen the fears you have now, how can you confront your fears?

I hope this exercise will show you that you are most probably holding yourself back. 80% of the reasons we don´t achieve our goals are internal and not external. If you find it difficult to believe that you can succeed or that you are intelligent enough, then work on developing a different mindset. If you fear public speaking, then enroll on some public speaking courses! In other words, instead of giving up because you don´t believe you have the qualities you need, go out there and get them! It won´t be a magical pill you can swallow and everything is fixed, it will take time, effort, commitment and discipline but that is what separates the successful from the not so successful.

The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free. – Oprah Winfrey

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