Being productive is much more than just delivering tasks within a specific deadline. Productivity is a complex human behavior based on the number of variables – where each interferes with your workflow and can improve it or slow it down. Considering this, two of the most critical aspects of productivity level are being effective and efficient at the same time. 

Effective is to do the right things. Efficient is to do things right.  

This is especially important for entrepreneurs because when you start building your business, you have limited resources – small team and restricted financial background. And to maximize your productivity – you need to centralize all of your resources under one platform. 

Nifty is a cloud-based project management tool – that helps you to centralize all of your resources and workloads through an organized pipeline to increase your productivity level. With Nifty, you can easily manage all your projects, workloads, and communications under one platform. An innovative collaboration hub that makes projects, tasks, and timelines clear to your team members and clients.

Dynamic centralized workspace

Utilizing Nifty as a project management tool – you can create a clear plan of action for your projects and automate your progress tracking. 

Team productivity is anchored on core features:

Support for collaboration and a Centralized workspace. Nifty ultimately enhances teamwork, creating a transparent workflow. It improves decision-making by encouraging team collaboration, supporting team members to associate feedback – communicate and share ideas all to increase productivity.

Dynamic collaboration creates a productive environment where all of your workloads are centralized and available for team members in real-time, wherever they are. You can quickly allocate tasks, initiate a discussion, monitor all team members, and create progress reports. Centralized workloads and a transparent workflow are a prerequisite for a productive entrepreneurship business. 

Use the Project Milestones tool

The main traps toward a high productivity rate are unclear workflow progress combined with a complicated timeline. To avoid that and automate a task execution process, Nifty designed a Milestones tool. 

Project milestones are labels that indicate a stage of project development. It is a powerful feature for project completion and allows you advanced progress tracking, timeline clarity, and productivity rate.

This tool will enable you to quickly organize team alignment around your project initiatives, stages, and sprints visualizing all milestones within a project. Milestones implement real-time automation of the pipeline stages: In progress, Completed, and Overdue status based on the fulfillment of connected tasks. Also, you can set milestone dependencies to improve a project flow and set a task priority. 

In general, this tool gives you an entire project overview – so you can easily track progress. 

Enhance team productivity

One of the most common obstacles that team members face is task overload. Overwhelmed by a massive amount of work, people try to do everything in the specific deadline – but there is one huge issue – a quality loss. Time tracking tool that Nifty developed allows your team members to monitor the time they spend on specific tasks.

Business owners, on the other hand, have incredible valued insights on project time, so they can efficiently allocate tasks that consume a vast amount of time. You can manage your team’s workloads by referencing tracked work hours. The time tracking tool ensures that workloads are equally distributed, and team members are not overloaded. 

Keep in mind that your most valued resource is your team – and every decision needs to be in line with their duties and personal limitations. So you can estimate what your team capabilities are to improve the productivity rate. 

Workflow agility

To quickly review – Nifty is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs because of its agile framework and cloud-based functionalities. There is no more need for software updates, maintenance, and it allows you to use a full set of powerful features and tools right from your browser.

You can organize your work wherever you are – in the office, from home – using your computer or phone. Nifty uses an agile methodology in the function of productivity improvement.  

To sum up

This innovative project management tool automatizes project updates and resource insights with agile task management, creating a healthy work environment and transparent workflow.

To increase the productivity rate of your team, you can easily track project milestones, communicate with team members and clients, and create collaborative documents and files. Initiate discussions and empower internal communication – all of that under a single platform.  

Now it is all up to you. Try Nifty and experiment with its incredible set of tools – and upgrade your entrepreneurial organizational skills. Centralize your workloads and efficiently collaborate with your team – using a flexible project management platform. 

Be effective and efficient at the same time – with Nifty! 

Author bio: Aleksandar Radosevic

Tech-savvy and a productivity leadership writer.  My writing is focused on the project management software evolution, communication features, and productivity skills and habits. I am combining innovative and data-driven content to optimize digital content performance and user experience.
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