MADRID, SPAIN – TopResults Coaching based in Madrid, Spain and headed up by Founder and Author Kirstin O’Donovan announces to online audiences worldwide the launch of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Time Management”. A substantial resource for time management techniques the E-book is the ultimate guide for business owners who either need to brush up on, or learn entirely, how to manage time effectively and thereby transform their results.

“It’s very easy to have what I call ‘time thieves’ and thankfully, with the help of this E-book they’re just as easy to identify and let go of.” said O’Donovan. The E-book carefully gives readers tools to create and manage workflow systems and means to develop effective behavior patterns. Dedicated to supporting readers in goal setting and overcoming procrastination the highly useful book will surely meet a thankful audience.

Using her extensive coaching skills O’Donovan has produced what can only be called a transformational guide for time management skills. The book asks the question, “Do you often reach the end of your day feeling exhausted, frustrated and like an underachiever?” Thankfully, it answers the forlorn plea with viable options for a nominal retail price of $4.95 considering the ample information it provides.

The E-book will support readers as they master key skills to transform business results, gain up to a minimum of one hour extra each day and increase overall productivity. Efficiency levels and a reduction of stress will be a tremendous bonus as they will stop feeling overwhelmed. This will lead to achieving objectives and goals sooner thereby making capital gains that much easier to attain.

“It’s so important for entrepreneurs to identify their weak spots with time management. That just can’t be underestimated. We all need to stay abreast of the current flow of work and overcome procrastination once and for all.” added O’Donovan. Promising to explain simple yet highly effective systems that optimize time the E-book incorporates a workbook as well.

It contains coaching tips and exercises to ensure readers successfully apply information. It also gives templates and forms to use over and over again to further hone skills. “I want my readers to have great ongoing success. To do that I’ve incorporated exercises and activities for time management for entrepreneurs to implement as they continue in their process toward success.” said O’Donovan.

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