Looking back on 2017, would you do anything differently? I am sure you would! At this time of the year, you might find yourself focusing on the future and what you want to create in 2018; why should I think of the past you might say? The power of reflection is understated and rarely ever done! Yet it’s part of the rituals all successful individuals share.  Reflection is so powerful  because it gives you a chance to look at what went well, what didn’t and why. This is key to growth, you can use this information to make even more powerful choices in 2018 and build awareness on what you don’t want for 2018.

Before setting any goals for 2018, ask yourself

1. What went well in 2017 for you? What was great?
Write down everything you can think of…

2. What did you do to create this? What were the specific actions you took and how did you feel about what you were doing?  You might see a pattern in what you do that brings you results and what doesn’t.

3.  How can you further build on this success or use your ‘strategy’ to create results in other areas of your life? If you were able to start a new habit, what did you do to create the new habit and how can you use the same ‘tools’ for other areas.

4.  What didn’t go as planned? Why is that? Write down why you think you didn’t achieve what you wanted, was it a lack of motivation or discipline? Did you lack clarity or did you exercise self sabotage?

5.  Finally, what would you do differently this year? What would you change about how you did things, if any? Look at what works, what doesn’t, and what you could do differently to get better results in 2018. Knowing this will support you in staying on the right track.

Create a deeper understanding of your experiences by reflecting on them and take your learning process to the next level! You will grow stronger and wiser reflecting on yourself and your results.

There is so much information out there, but there is also so much information inside us which we don’t use. We are more resourceful than we know when we can start to look inside us for the answers. Don’t move forward with goal setting if you haven’t reflected on the past year.

And….give yourself the biggest gift you can and commit to making 2018 better for you!

Whether you want to finally start that business of your dreams or start a new hobby, no matter what it is, your life WILL be richer! You cannot expect change in 2018 if you don’t change and you cannot expect ‘more’ if you don’t give ‘more’.

You are bigger, more powerful and stronger than you know – you might need some tools to support you, but just know, you have everything you need within your reach to achieve what you desire!

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Remember, knowledge only becomes powerful when you apply it!

If you need one to one support contact me. With the code – 2018success you get 20% off your first coaching package in 2018! Catapult your life into success by investing in yourself and your happiness!

To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan



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