If you suffer from low self-esteem, improving your self esteem is essential to achieve success in whatever it is that you desire. Without a high self esteem, it is not as easy to succeed. If you have a low self-esteem, I encourage you to find out why. To try to identify the beliefs you have about yourself, the world and balance your perception of them. Wherever we are in life, having a positive self-esteem seems necessary for having a healthy and happy existence.

Your self esteem is formed at birth; it is made up of all your experiences, everything you heard and felt. Our thoughts became connected to our experiences. Perhaps we experienced some negative situations in the past which affected our self-esteem. The thoughts we have, our repeated thoughts form neural pathways in our brains and the more often we reinforce that thought, the stronger the pathway becomes. The stronger the pathway, the harder it is to change the recurring thought and to recognize it as a belief and not the truth.

We put self imposed limits on ourselves and we cannot move beyond the limits of the way we see ourselves, whatever those limits may be. What you believe becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When you say negative things to yourself ¨ I’m not good enough, I am not clever enough! ¨ etc that is a boundary you are putting up for yourself, a self imposed limited. When you think negatively you are strengthening your neural pathways and you believe that these statements are facts and you act on them.

This will affect your productivity, how you spend your time, whether you feeling low or happy.  When you feel good, you perform better, you feel more confident in your skills and everything looks better. You are willing to move out of your comfort zone, take those risks and look for those opportunities to help you succeed. The opposite is true when you don’t feel confident, you don´t enjoy moving forward, your harassed with negative thoughts and you don’t try as hard.  Having a low self esteem can cause depression, stress and anxiety. You want to ensure you are always working at keeping your self esteem high.

Having a big ego, being arrogant and vain is very different to having a high self esteem.  Having a high self esteem is about not feeling the need to compete with others, feeling confident in your own skills and not worrying about other people.

Do you need help improving your self esteem? Here are a few tips you can use to start improving your confidence.

Awareness of limiting beliefs
When you catch yourself thinking negatively – ask yourself
¨Is this a fact or a belief?¨
¨How does this way of thinking benefit me? If it does not, you need to change your belief on something. Read more about how your beliefs affect your world.

Use positive affirmations
When you say negative things to yourself, write down some of the common thoughts you have. Then change these negative statements into positive statements and repeat them several times a day. Read more on auto-suggestion to learn about how to successfully use affirmations. 

Stop comparing yourself to others
If you always compare yourself to what other people do, how much they have, how they act, you are setting yourself up for low self-esteem in an area. Comparing yourself to others is pointless; we all have different strengths, weaknesses, thoughts and challenges. Compare yourself to yourself, how much effort are you making to change what you don’t like compared to how much you can.

Learn more
Make time to read books and take courses – there are many free e-courses that you could do to improve your self esteem and books to read. Use Google or contact me for ideas.

Professional Guidance
Sign up for a coaching program or join a group. If you need professional support, guidance and help to move forward, partner with a coach to help you succeed.

Social Life
Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and are positive. You don’t want somebody bringing your energy down, criticizing you and making you feel less about yourself. The people in your life should support you; make you feel better and not worse.


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