What is one of the most common excuses you hear when talking to people about some of the things they want to do in life? They say, ¨I´d love to do xxx, but I just don’t have the time!¨ right? We make up excuses and limit ourselves too easily. How many of us have actually tried to take control over the time we have? You cannot create time but you can definitely control what you do with your time.

Time management and Productivity are directly related to success and living stress free lives. All successful people manage their time well. The problem most people have with time-management is that they think about it in the wrong way. Time-Management starts from the way you look at time, your mindset. Your external world will always eventually become a reflection of your internal world. A productive mindset will lead to a productive life. 80% of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals are internal not external, so taking time to become aware of your mindset is the fastest way to improve results.

You can learn a lot about different time management techniques but if you don´t have the right mindset to apply them, you will not see the results that you are capable of seeing. Having the correct mindset is one of the most important traits to being more productive. Do you believe that you can free up hours in the day by changing your personal behaviour, attitude and habits towards time or not?

Remember that everyone manages their time differently, however, the principles are always the same and that is where you must start. None of us were born organized or disorganized; it is a skill that you learn, a skill that if you practice on a daily basis will become easier and turn into habitual way of using and thinking about your time.

What are some mindset principles? The time management mindset is your ability to see the options that you have and then choose how to best use your time. Adopt the principle that you are in control of the time you have, you decide how to spend your time and on what. You are also responsible for how you spend your time and the results you achieve with your time. It is your responsibility; blame doesn’t have a place anywhere, thinking like a victim has never helped anyone.

Stop sabotaging yourself by using meaningless excuses, we hide behind ourselves and the only one who suffers in the end is you! ¨I don’t have time, im too busy, tomorrow!¨ We all have the same amount of hours in a day.
Decide now that you will be more proactive in taking charge of the day, how you spend your time is in your hands, not your boss, your colleague or your partner, whoever you blame, but you!

Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is it possible that you could be limiting your success by the way you are thinking?
• How badly do you want more time or ¨need¨ more time?
• What are the consequences if you don´t do anything about it? And what are the benefits if you do?

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