Everyone agrees that staying focused is one of the biggest challenges in productivity. It can be very frustrating when you really need to focus, yet you find it impossible and you know it’s impacting your results directly.

Stats show we get distracted or interrupted every 11 minutes on average, when it takes us 23 minutes on average to get focused. You can see the challenge. If you really want to increase your productivity, start with how you focus; how quick it takes you and how long you stay focused for. What you focus on you create more of, and the better the focus, the better the result,

Do you want to train your brain to focus effortlessly?

Potential X has come out with the world’s first productivity boosting earbuds. FocusBuds monitor your brains activity and help you with EEG Neurofeedback Technology. It’s the first time you can have access to this technology for a fraction of the price.

Focus better

How it works

FocusBuds and it’s technology help you by tracking your brain’s activity and focus levels. When your focus level drops, it sends auditory feedback to your brain to get you into a focused state again. With time, your brain focuses quicker and for a longer period of time. Your brain is conditioned over time. There are also other functions to support you in taking your productivity to the next level.

Improve Focus

Get your pair to help you block out distractions and eliminate procrastination easily. Get into a focused state quicker and stay focused longer and increase your productivity like you never imagined before.

Remember it is never a lack of time, but rather a lack of skills applied to manage it effectively, and if you are not managing your time effectively, you are not managing your business as effectively as you could be.

Business Productivity Boost

Give your business the boost it needs to get to the next level. Identify the leaks and create a roadmap for success. In a short time, you will feel more accomplished, you will enjoy more money in your business and time in your life.

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Personalised Productivity Coaching

Take control of your life and learn how to achieve what you ultimately desire by adopting proven success strategies and psychology. Say goodbye to daily stress, feel more successful and in control of what you want, and catapult your life to the next level.

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Be the Business Owner you know you can. Develop a mindset geared for success in business and learn the best strategies to achieve your business goals faster. Build a profitable and stress free business. 

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