“There Is GOLD Inside YOU” Free For A Limited Time On Amazon.com 

Authors Edgar Barroso and Kirstin O’Donovan announce the launch of their collaboration entitled, “There Is GOLD Inside YOU”.  The book is free of charge on Amazon.com for a limited time (December 17th – 21st) and you can download it directly here 

MADRID, SPAIN (December 11, 2013) – Edgar Barroso, owner of Avertica® and Kirstin O’Donovan founder of TopResultsCoaching® announce the official launch of their book entitled, “There Is GOLD Inside YOU”.

Available for a limited time free of charge on Amazon.com the book takes the wealth of Barroso and O’Donovan’s experience in the entrepreneurial world and helps any reader achieve their goal of becoming their own boss.

Not limited to those who only have a desire and hidden marketable talent, the book also provides encouragement for entrepreneurs and business owners who are currently enjoying an individualized career.

Helping readers identify their own talents and skills and turn them into a marketable trade the business coaching specialists provide a roadmap for self-discovery.  O’Donovan said of the book, “It’s been wonderful to work together on this project.

Both Edgar and I have worked in this field all over the world and the same things hold true.  One must know how to leverage the information they find in the marketplace and incorporate tools that will provide new opportunities.  Our book shows them how.”  Shining a light on skills development and value creation the book becomes a veritable toolkit for success.

Just as much a business guidebook as a personal glimpse into what a reader has to offer, “There Is GOLD Inside YOU” works to help one achieve personal and professional insights.  It shows readers how to analyze themselves and their lives to unearth hidden talents finding a way to best fit into the marketplace’s current entrepreneurial opportunities.

Readers are then shown how to tap into markets where their ideas and strengths can best be utilized to bring financial freedom and personal independence.  The strategy book then coaches the reader on how to incorporate a wealthy mindset so necessary to actually making a reality of a well-won dream.  Making a concrete plan O’Donovan and Barroso then give practical ways to implement cash management techniques to secure financial freedom regardless of economic climate.

For more information about Avertica® Consulting Group and TopResultsCoaching® visit www.avertica.com and www.topresultscoaching.com respectively. To contact Edgar Barroso via email write ebarroso@avertica.com.  To contact Kirstin O’Donovan visit kirstin@topresultscoaching.com.



Edgar Barroso, Owner, AVERTICA® Consulting Group, ebarroso@avertica.com

Kirstin O’Donovan,  Owner, TopResultsCoaching®, kirstin@topresultscoaching.com

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