Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the apps out there? I am sure we all do from time to time, but I am certainly not complaining. Applications have undoubtedly improved our lives in uncountable ways; the only challenge is weaving through all the hundreds of options we have, to find the one for you.

With new apps coming out every day, you are guaranteed to find an app in almost any area you need, from games to lifestyle to productivity tools.
I myself have always been a fan of anything related to improving your productivity and getting more organized, so when I first discovered the app, Evernote, I was on top of the world.

Evernote is definitely one of the most popular apps and for those of you who dont use or haven’t heard of Evernote, read on.

Evernote is basically a cloud based organizational tool and it can be used for many different things. Think of a storage device with many categories, which can be accessed and easily found from anywhere.

Here are some of the ways that I make use of Evernote…

Capture everything, store and sync – Your productivity definitely improves when you get everything out of your head and into your app. Use this app to capture everything from your To-do’s to your don’t forgets, to random reminders – whatever you need, you can capture it here.

Once it is captured, you can sync your information to your other devices so you can access this information from anywhere and you also have an instant back up of your work. You can capture your info in audio, images or text.

Search your content with keywords – This awesome app lets you search your documents and files using related keywords. This saves a lot of time when you need to access information and therefore allows you to work more efficiently.

You can download and share your notes in PDF – If you often take notes while travelling or out of the office and afterwards you want to share them with colleagues or friends, you simply convert your notes into a PDF and you can share them via a public link.

Business Cards – You can store your business cards on Evernote and create a history of contacts that you can browse through in seconds. Look for Evernote Hello. This app syncs with Linkedin to easily import your contact base.

Websites and Bookmarking service – When you browse a webpage and find something you like, you can simply select the webpage and clip it into evernote with Evernote clipper.

Pictures – Take a picture and send or upload to Evernote, you can share pictures, tag friends, edit them

As you can see, there are many options and uses for Evernote. If you feel that you could improve from a few time management tools, this is a great one to start with. It will help you to get more organized, to save time and a good first step to improving your time management.

Best of all, it is free, with options to upgrade.

Check out other apps here or contact me if you need any support to get more organized and improve your time management skills.

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