Excel has been a valuable tool for workplaces and businesses all around the world. Its flexibility and versatility allow you to conveniently perform a plethora of tasks all in one program and increase work productivity easily.

Excel is loaded with features and functionalities that will not only help you save time, but also makes you more productive at work. Whether you want to use Excel for budgeting, task delegation, expense tracking, etc.; you can find a selection of workload management and business chart templates online dedicated to whatever task you have in mind.

Use these Excel templates to boost workplace productivity and keep your business on track.

1. Business Plan Template

Creating a business plan is one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks there is, but it is also essential to the success of any entrepreneurial venture. Business plans contain just about every bit of information about the business – product designs and descriptions, sales and marketing strategies, distribution plans, financial projections, etc.

It can be very difficult to write a business plan from the ground up, especially if you lack experience and have not yet developed the requisite writing skills. Luckily, you can simply download this Business Plan Template from Smartsheet.

2. Budgeting Template

If you’ve ever tried making a budget by hand, then you know very well what a headache it can be. Budgeting is tough enough as is; let’s not throw additional math fatigue into the mix.

Using Excel to create a budget eliminates the painstaking task of having to calculate figures manually, but there’s an even more convenient way — budget templates.

This Budgeting Template fromVertex42 is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It contains two types of worksheets: the Services worksheet for companies that provide services and the Goods worksheet for retailers and manufacturers.

3. Invoice Tracking Template

Going through hundreds of invoices and then trying to figure out which one are paid and which ones aren’t can be a nightmare. However, if you fail to keep track of your collectibles, you’ll lose income.

Someka has an Invoice Tracker Template that will save you from the hassle and confusion of manually sorting through invoices. Every time you issue an invoice to a customer, add the details of the invoice to the spreadsheet and update as necessary. With this template, you’ll never miss an invoice payment again!

4. Sales Goal Tracker Template

Businesses need to track their sales activity to identify trends and correct their strategies if needed. Whether you’re trying to increase your sales or simply monitor how your business is doing, using a sales tracking spreadsheet can help you gauge whether you’re consistently hitting your targets or not.

This Sales Goal Tracker Template from template.net is one of the most convenient tools for mapping your sales. It’s very straightforward and simple to use, but contains all the important details to help you evaluate your business’s performance.

5. Schedule Templates

Just as important as keeping track of your company’s finances is keeping track of your time and that of your employees. Time is a resource that you can’t get back, so you have to spend it wisely.

If you’re only running a small business and don’t have a human resource department to arrange a work schedule for you, Schedule Templates has a selection of Business Schedule Templates that you can download for free. Use these templates to create and maintain a productive and efficient work schedule for your company.

6. World Meeting Planner

We’re living in an era where people can work remotely, collaborate, and even keep a business running from different parts of the world. While this setup is mostly convenient, holding meetings and conference calls can be tricky when some of you are working at different time zones. This is where the World Meeting Planner Template comes in.

This template from Vertex42 can prove helpful when you’re trying to schedule meetings with a maximum of six people who are working from different parts of the world. Once you enter your business partners’ or employees’ UTC offsets and choose the proper DST rules for their location, the spreadsheet will show you if the meeting time you set works for everyone on the team.

As you can see, not only are there many different things you can do with Excel to boost workplace productivity, you can also use it in a wide variety of situations. With a little know-how, using Excel templates can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently while saving you a lot of time and effort.

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