There are so many ways we waste time without even knowing it. We all want to have endless amounts of time to do what we ultimately love in life, yet time is the one resource we all struggle to manage effectively. We all have the same amount of time and we all invest it very differently, and we waste it very differently too.

When someone wants to get their time back or become more productive, there are a few approaches you can take; from identifying your time thieves to adopting better habits, to automating processes. It is not too hard to see where we are wasting time if we really want to. There are many time tracking apps to show you where your time is going if you are feeling a bit lost. I think we all know and can all agree just looking around at what’s happened in the last year or so, that life is just too short to be wasting time.

So how do we waste time besides the obvious ways? This is something I wanted to bring more attention to. We waste time when we live in a disempowered emotion for too long and spend our time ruminating on all the problems and challenges without finding a solution. We’re wasting time when we show up and we are not being present in that moment. We waste time when our thoughts live more in the future and in the past than in the present. We waste time doing this and we are largely unaware. When we live in our heads, we are wasting time.

Time only exists now, and it’s a gift. If someone told you how much time you had left in your life and on this earth, I guarantee that you would not waste your time with mindless activities, and feeling down all the time. I bet you would try to be happier every day, enjoy life more, and worry less. You don’t see someone on their deathbed wishing they worried more in life or wasted more of their time. It’s the opposite.

When we lose our health, for example, we start to value it more. But why do we need to almost lose something to value it more? Remember it is the journey in life that fulfills us, not the destination. If your days are filled with low emotions, regurgitating the same thoughts and patterns, and excuses every day, you are wasting time.

When your energy is low and you continue to focus on the things that don’t serve you and then take action from that place, you are not going to achieve what you ultimately desire, instead, you are actually making it harder to achieve it. You could be using your time more effectively by finding a higher meaning, focusing on what will serve you, and taking action from that place instead. Staying in a disempowered emotion is a waste of time.

Who is in charge of your emotions? Who is leading your day? If your emotions are, you are wasting time. Remember we cannot control events, but we can master the meaning we give them. Do you want to waste days, months, or years feeling down, holding onto guilt, anger, or something that doesn’t serve you? Don’t waste your time and your life like this. If you are not able to manage your emotions, you will struggle to really enjoy life to the level you deserve and you are wasting time!!

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