Imagine it was the day of your 80th birthday. You are sitting in your favorite chair in your lounge and you look around you and admire the life that you created for yourself. Your mind flashes back in time and you think about how you became so successful.

Irrespective of the type of work you might have done, the industry you worked in or what your job consisted of,  most everyone who is successful has something in common. To put it very simply, they have developed more good habits in life than bad habits. It might sound like common sense, but what is common sense, is definitely not common practice.

Changing any habit is an enormous challenge to take up.  Your body has a natural resistance against change and if we consider that over 40% of daily actions are on automatic, it makes this an even more trying task as we are not even fully aware of our own habits.

You have developed some good and bad habits over the years, whether by choice or unconsciously. Have you ever stopped to look at your habits and question how many of them are actually supporting you in life or in fact, undermining your life? What about in business, are you aware how much your habits affect your business productivity? 

Your habits need to compliment your goals. If you want to accomplish more in life or have more success in whatever it is that you choose, it is a wise idea to identify any habits you have that will sabotage your chances of success.

From the moment you wake up, most of your day, the thoughts you have, the routine, how you decide what to do and say, are largely based on habit and routine.

How different would your life be if you decided to improve just a few of the ways in which you behaved, performed or went about your day? You can’t expect to always do the things in the same way you have always done and then expect different results each time.

If you are ready to be more proactive in creating the success you desire, here is a great way to start…

1.Taking stock of your habits

Take out a piece of paper and write down some of the habits that you feel might jeopardize your chances of reaching your goals. From the things you do (actions) to the limiting thoughts you might have (way of thinking).

2.The one biggest change

Look at the list of habits you don’t like and select the one habit that if you changed, would have the biggest impact on your success right now. Start to change one habit at a time, I wouldn’t recommend taking on more.

3.Designing the roadmap

If you dedicate the next month to changing one limiting habit and developing a good one that will support you in success, you are taking a huge step closer to where you want to be and you will also get there far sooner.
Imagine if you changed just one bad habit a month, that would be 12 new habits you have developed and 12 bad habits you no longer have. Can you imagine how different and better life could be?  Get clear on what you need to change and how you are going to do it. Prepare for obstacles and be ready with ways to overcome them.

4. Reaching the end goal

Change can be very scary and overwhelming but if you can find the commitment and patience to support you, you are 99% there. Intention alone is not not enough impetus to take action, you need a clear intention backed by commitment to make it happen.

How committed are you to achieving what you desire in life?

If you desperately want to accomplish more in your life, but you don’t feel so committed to taking action now, ask yourself…

  • What is standing in the way of you making the changes you want to?
  • What would make you feel more committed to doing this and what would make it easier for you to take action?

If you really want to change, you need to stop reading about change and actually change now!

You future is created by your habits in the present.

To Your Success

Kirstin Odonovan

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