The beliefs that you have are formed from everything you have felt, heard, been taught, seen and experienced since you were a child, this has affected the way you think and the way you see life. Most of us can look at the same situation but in completely different ways. This is because of your beliefs, ¨your conditioning¨, and unfortunately, along with the good is the bad. You have also become conditioned to thinking negatively, living in fear, and to being pessimistic more often than optimistic. When things go right, that’s when you question them; something bad must happen soon you think, it’s too good to be true!
We live in a very negative society and most of us are not even aware of how negative we actually are. The problem is that it has a far graver impact on your life than you realize. Your thoughts, what you focus on, determine your reality and your habits and actions based on your thinking, determines your results.

Here are some simple steps you can take to start overcoming negative thinking:

1)     Awareness
First step to become aware of all the negative thoughts. This is something that will become easier with time but also something that you should do continuously. Develop the habit of becoming aware of what you are thinking, stop yourself if the thought is negative and balance your perception of the situation. Start talk, thinking to yourself the same way as you would to a friend. Once you have identified the negative thought, ask yourself, what are the all the others ways I can see this situation from another point of view? Most of the time there is a reason why something is happening, or your perception of the event is misleading.

2)     Change to positive thoughts
When you identify a negative thought, eg ¨I won´t be successful at this, I am not good enough.¨ Repeat the thought to yourself in a positive statement and in the present tense. ¨ I am successful, I am good at everything I do¨. Repeat it many times and really believe it as you say it, imagine it is true, it happening now, feel it as much as you can.  Repetition helps because what you are trying to do is change your neural pathways, develop positive ones and a new way of thinking will emerge.

3)     Develop the habit of ¨Faith¨
It is not always easy to be positive and believe the sentence, this is when you really need to have faith, that you can change, that it will be real. Have faith that everything is going to work out, faith that you are making the right decision, faith that things happen for a reason. Without faith, we give up, often just before our success. It is not easy to have faith though, but you have to just keep it! Even though, faith may seem at times like believing in something when common sense tells you not to, but keep on!

4)     Change your focus
Always focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. If you don´t like something, focus on what you can change and not on what you can´t change. If you can´t change something, change the way you think about it. You are in control of how you feel, how you deal with what happens to you in life, and it is much easier when you are positive.

Develop the habit of controlling your thoughts, don´t let your thoughts control you – Change your thoughts and change your world!

To your success!

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