It is not uncommon to hear how many people complain that they want more time, but they don´t have time to improve their time, sounds almost like a catch 22 situation, doesn´t it? Implementing a time management system, analyzing your personal productivity systems and structures and making the necessary changes can take hours.

Of course this is the best long term solution but what about those who desperately need to improve their time now but want to start small and go step by step? If you want to just make one change that will dramatically free up much more of your time, master one skill and then once you have that developed it to a T, start working on others.

Here is one change that you can make that if you are disciplined and really do what I say, you will save up to at least one hour a day. Why? Firstly you are not jumping from one task to the next, always being distracted and having incomplete tasks, which in the end all steals time!

You will be taking on a new behaviour that over time, will become a habit and you will work more effectively. Also if you can treat checking and managing your email as a task, you will also optimize your time spent with your email.


1. Unsubscribe from all the emails you receive but do not need or want.
You will feel less overwhelmed dealing with less emails and you will save time and energy not deleting them everyday.

2. Be Brief and get to the point
There will always be exceptions but keep your emails to no more than 4 sentences otherwise, pick up the phone.

3. Schedule time to deal with emails
Depending on your work, every few hours or only twice a day if possible. When you interrupt what you are doing to check your email, you lose focus, you get distracted and doing this over and over is eating up your time!

4. Process your emails
Don´t read the same mails over and over – time waster! Decide what to do with each email as it comes in. Do you need to reply, delete, delegate, put it on your list or in a folder?

5. Create folders in your email
Create folders that you can refer to easily, for eg: Deal with later; Waiting for / Follow up on – whatever you need and make time to check these too!

6. Educate your family and friends
Tell them not to send you so many social emails or to be brief, or phone you when they need to speak to you, etc

Not all of us suffer from an overload of email, but if you feel like you cannot go a few hours without checking your email, if your inbox has more than 10 items on a regular basis, if you feel overwhelmed from your email, consider changing how you manage it to get different results.

If it is not a problem for you, consider something else that you can change, what is one skill, that if you developed in an excellent fashion, would free up time and put you back in control?

To your success!

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