How does your attitude affect your success and your results in life? Perhaps your attitude is the hidden obstacle thats bringing you the results you don´t want and stopping you from achieving the success you desire.

Most people have different definitions of success, so what is success, what does it mean? Success can be defined as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. This is the general definition, therefore, success to some people might mean having a fast sports car, buying the house of their dreams, but to others it could be having a loving long term relationship with someone. We define what our own success is and success to everyone is different.

Our definition of success is not more correct than anybody else, our attitude towards life is what we need to look at, for this be what is stopping us from achieving our own success!

So now…how does my attitude in life affect me achieving what I desire or plan for? There are many ways that our attitude affects directly our lives and the results we see, the first step is become aware and then you can make the desired changes. And the good news is – You can change your life just by changing your attitude!

Our attitude determines how we look at our experiences, our setbacks, events, and situations. If we have a positive attitude we look at the same situation very differently to someone who has a negative attitude. We can see it from completely different perspectives, and it´s not the negative attitude that brings us positive results.

We can all benefit from having a more positive attitude towards the events in our personal lives or in the business world. For example, a failure at work could be very daunting for some people and something really terrible to happen, but to others it could be a positive experience, perhaps it is feedback that is warning you to alter your course a little, change what you are doing. Failure is guidance, helping us find the best way to succeed in what we are doing.

We become our own biggest obstacle when we have a negative attitude towards things. Many people can´t understand why they are not getting to where they want, and fail to look at themselves and their attitude towards the situation. It is not a coincidence that many successful people all have a positive attitude, and it takes effort and commitment to have a positive attitude.

We are brought up in a very negative society and feeling positive about mostly everything seems ¨unrealistic, naïve¨ but the proof is in the results of people with positive attitudes or negative attitudes. Read the biographies of successful people, and you will see that they all cultivate the habit of having a positive attitude!

Also remember that along your journey to success, people are ultimately involved, and your attitude around them and towards them affects these people and how willing they are to help you. Take a few minutes to think about how you talk to others and if you have a warm, open and positive attitude, how do others perceive you? People are more likely to do business or interact with a person who has a better attitude than one who doesn´t.

When something isn´t going well or the way you expected, take time to think about and become aware of what your attitude is towards it, this is with other people, towards your work, towards yourself and towards life. Try to look for the positive in the situation and identify your feelings, if is isn´t helping you to succeed, then it is probably stopping you from succeeding.

What can we do to change this? Change is never easy and we naturally try to avoid change in our lives; we are set in our ways and in our comfort zones. Change can be very frightening for people but if you don´t make the changes you desire, you will not achieve different results. It is your choice. Change requires effort and commitment to make an effort, but we all have the ability to change the things we don´t like!

Why don´t you start by identifying your attitude towards events, ask yourself – is it negative? If so, how can I change my attitude to make this experience more positive?

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