What is one of the things that we all share, but is completely different for everybody? It is the world we live in…

Different realities
We all share one world, but our  realities are so different, not only because of our individual experiences, but our perceptions as well. This is why two people can look at the exact same thing but see something completely different.

What creates our different realities?
Our thoughts, beliefs, attitude, experiences and knowledge make up our individual worlds and influence how we see it. It all comes from within and influences the outside, our results.

Whatever is going on in your mind, is reflected in your daily life. The experiences you have, how you are feeling, the life you create for yourself, for example, all come from the way you think.

Many people believe that they have no influence over what happens to them in life, what do you believe? One of most powerful discoveries of our century is that we can change our world by changing how we think.

If you are not happy with your life, consider how you are influencing or contributing to this reality. Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or can’t, you are usually right”. Basically…whatever you think and believe is what you will experience.

It is not possible to separate or ignore what is going on inside, your beliefs, thoughts and  feelings from the results you experience in your life.

Look at how your beliefs (internal) directly give you your results (external)




Lets look at two examples…Harry and Sarah both have a deep desire to be entrepreneurs.

Harry grew up believing that he could start a company and if he worked hard he could be successful.

Sarah grew up believing that it was impossible to start a company and work for yourself, she thinks that only ‘lucky’ people are successful and she isn’t lucky.

I’m sure you can guess the different experiences they will have in life and you can see how their beliefs are directly influencing this.

This concept can be applied to most things in life, even time management.

Effective time management actually starts by looking at your external results and then looking at your internal thoughts and habits and finding the connection, there is always a connection. It could be a limiting belief, a cluttered mind, or stressed soul and this shows up in how you manage your time.

If there is something on the outside that you are not happy with, explore how you could change this, starting from the inside, remember that they are not independent.

To your success!!

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