Every one wants more time, but no one really wants to take responsibility for what they do with the time they have. Lack of time seems to be something everyone complains about, yet they do nothing about.

What is more shocking is the truth about time – it’s not just a metric for hours in the day – what we choose to do with our time every minute of the day, brings us the results we have in our lives right now. The results you have is a reflection of how you spend your time. They are all connected, so if you are not getting the results you want, look at how you are choosing to spend your time!

Just to give you a quick insight into how much time is wasted on mindless tasks, take a look at the stats below:

Shocking Stats

How much time did you spend on the sofa watching mindless television last year? Stats from 2016 show that Americans watch on average 4,5 hours a day. Even if you cut that number by half, it’s still shocking. Social Media – stats show that in 2017 – on average the global internet user spends over 2 hours a day on social media for personal use.

Can you imagine how much more you could do with your life if you used your time differently in 2018?

Life for me is not about waking up each day to simply get through the next, and it’s not about settling for less either – the happiest people are the ones who do something with their life. When we are on top of our time and living stress free we are much happier and we experience life in a different way.  What is your life about? It shows in how you spend your time. The excuse – I don’t have time to live the life i really want is often just that – an excuse. It’s not that we don’t have time, it is that we don’t use our time effectively.

If you want to use your time more effectively, start with these 3 simple steps to find out where you need to focus to change:

  1. The truth might hurt: If you are struggling to find time to get everything done and you really want to increase your productivity – start by getting really clear and honest with yourself about what you are doing with your time to begin with.  Stop your excuses, stop the blame game and take responsibility.Where do you waste time?  Simple question but if you are really honest with yourself, how many hours a day or week do you waste with meaningless tasks? What are those tasks specifically? are you willing to give them up for more time?
  2. Are you shocked or did it confirm that you actually don’t waste time and you really need more time in your day. If you are shocked at how much time you are wasting, then it’s great news because you know where you can get some time back, if you commit to making these changes.If you are not wasting time, that is also great news, because you are managing your time much better than 90% of the world. If this is you: then I would ask myself – Do i feel like i am achieving and progressing every day or am I jumping aimlessly from task to task without any real sense of achievement at the end of the day?
  3. If you feel accomplished at the end of the day but you still need more time to do what you want – jump on a call with me to discover techniques/tools/strategies to manage your time more effectively. And if you don’t feel accomplished, my assumption is there might be many things you are doing too much of or not doing enough of which unconsciously leads to sabotaging your time.

Most people complain and never change – are you one of those? If you want to play life at a higher level, you need to step up and take a real honest look at what you choose to do with your time and your life as a first step!

You know where to start, don’t waste any time! Follow these simple steps to get clearer – clarity is power! Remember, it’s not time you are lacking, but skills to manage it effectively!

To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan



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