You are here because you clearly value your time and getting the most out of it. You know that what you do with your time and how you invest it defines who you are; AND with any investment you make, you want to get the best return. So how much return are you currently getting from your investment in time? Are you getting the results you want?

Today, I want to share…

3 simple yet powerful game changing strategies to increase your productivity, double your return on your time invested, and take your life to the next level.

Are you ready?

1. What are you feeling?

I can’t tell you how many people hinder their productivity because they feel stressed, distracted, unfocused, fearful etc. How you feel throughout the day is EVERYTHING!  Do you let emotions highjack you and drive your behavior or do you control your emotions?

It’s exactly how you are feeling that determines what action you take, and to what extent. Don’t fool yourself and think that you can come up with the best strategies, take the most productive actions, and make the best decisions on what to do if you are feeling stressed or tired, or even doubtful!

How productive you are, starts with how you feel and how long you stay in that feeling. If you often say, “I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed, I feel I’m all over the place”, etc.   You really want to shift this, it’s the foundation for real productivity. Manage your emotions to increase your productivity!

2. You are what you say

Let’s assume you are in the right state, feeling focused and determined to make the most out of your day. What could affect your productivity here?….The words you use and questions you ask yourself. They direct our focus and what we focus on we achieve – good or bad.

How different do you think your day will be if you asked yourself – “How am I going to get everything done?” Or ….”What is the best way for me to get everything done in a fun and productive way?” What about the difference between; “What do I need to do” and “What result am I working towards today?”

Don’t say, “I don’t have time”; rather ask yourself; “how can I find time?”
Don’t say,  “I feel overwhelmed” ask yourself – “how can I prioritize better or break down my tasks to feel on top of this again?”

Empower yourself with language; talk to yourself using empowering language such as “I’ve got this and it’s going to work out”, don’t disempower yourself by saying “I cant do this and I’m so overwhelmed i’ll never get it done!”  If you start to look closely at the language you use on a daily basis, you will get great insight into why things are the way they are, it is one of everyones’ biggest blind spots.

3. Raise your standards for yourself

Most people want more, but they don’t want to change anything to have more, quite ironic.  Do you step up and rise to a challenge or when something becomes difficult, do you give up?  Raise your standards for yourself and demand more out of yourself. We all have unlimited potential, the potential we have at the moment is in direct proportion to how much of it we tap into and how much we tap into, is your choice and what you believe about yourself!

Are you going to settle for mediocre or are you going to be proactive in getting more out of life for yourself? At the end of the day – you only have one!!

So what is your story – do you rise to the challenge and step up when things appear to be harder or do you use excuses as to why things aren’t the way you want them to be? And do you blame others or events for your results?  Give up the blame game and stretch yourself everyday to be more, achieve more, have more fun, and work less.

It is never time that you are lacking,  but rather the ability to manage your time effectively!

To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan



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