Drive Productivity With Powerful Decisions

It has been said that we make around 35 000 decisions daily. That is almost a decision every 2.5 seconds if you don’t sleep! It might sound a bit crazy, but the point is every moment of the day you are making decisions; some consciously and unconsciously, big and small ones. What is really important to know is the extent that these decisions influence your daily productivity and your success!

You decide the time you want to get up, what to work on, how much to achieve that day, and most importantly, how to show up. We have a million choices available to us in any given moment and we think that we don’t decide to be lazy, or procrastinate, or choose to browse through mindless social media for hours, but we do. 

Every action comes from a decision. To be productive is a decision, it is about choosing results over comfort. It is a decision to give something your all or do it half heartedly. It’s worth it to take a moment and reflect on some of the decisions you make every day that give you the results you have. The extent of your success depends on what YOU decide in every moment.

Reflect on these simple questions:

  • Do you decide to lead your day or are your lead by your day and what is thrown at you?
  • Do you decide to take responsibility for what gets done AND what doesn’t?
  • If something doesn’t go the way you want, do you decide to find a higher meaning and move forward or do you decide to let it bring you down? 
  • Do you decide to manage your problems calmly or do you lose it when things go wrong?

A simple decision can take your day in a very different direction and bring you very different results.

The big influencer

There are so many factors influencing your decisions and when you are not choosing consciously what you want in that moment, what you decide to do is influenced mainly by your beliefs, emotions, biology, etc.

Bringing more awareness and being conscious of what you are deciding is so powerful because sometimes we hold limiting beliefs, our emotions hijack us. If you rely on your biology, your emotions, and beliefs alone to make most of your decisions, you are setting yourself up for a bunch of mixed results you don’t actually want.

The truth is that unless you decide how you want to spend your time, every moment and how you want to show up, it is often decided for you, by other people, demands, fears, etc

The golden rule is….Whatever I decide, the actions that follow must be aligned with the outcome I am looking to achieve.

Always start with the end in mind, for example: How do you want your mornings to look? Get clear on the end picture, then ask, what decisions must I make? What time will I decide to get up? What will I decide to do first? To Eat? How do I want to feel? Etc

Or, if you don’t want to do something, before deciding to procrastinate, check in and ask – is the decision of procrastination aligned with my outcome? NO! So be aware of what you are deciding.

You can apply this to every area of your life, it will become your way of thinking and this will put you in the drivers seat.  You can even create a morning ritual where you decide how you want your day to go. Here’s an example.

Daily Decisions:

  • What results do I want today?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What must I do to achieve this?
  • What must I not do to achieve this?

If you are serious about taking your productivity and success to another level, start by looking at what decisions you are making every day in every moment that lead to the actions you take daily and therefore, your results. Make decisions with confidence. Everything starts with a decision, we just don’t know we are making them.



To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan



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