Employees who regularly attend training sessions, whether they’re improving their technical skills, communicating more effectively with customers, or building rapport with coworkers, are often far more productive than employees who do not. Organizations know that training is important, but few understand the impact a well-trained workforce can have on their company. And even fewer know which training programs are best for their teams. 

Managers often think they know what their employees need to learn, but they have no idea what they know or don’t know. So the first step in creating effective employee training programs is assessing what your employees need to learn. This is where time tracking can help.

Identify Areas Where Training is Needed

Time tracking software, such as Time Doctor, tracks which projects and tasks employees are spending their time on. They throw up insights such as which tasks are taking the most time or where employees are getting stuck. Assignments that are done longer than expected often indicate the need for improvement. As managers dig deeper they can figure out whether the challenge is using a particular tool or following a particular process or knowledge in a particular area.

As they determine which tasks are taking too much time, managers, together with employees, can then come up with relevant training and coaching to fill the gaps effectively. Managers can do coaching to help the employees in areas where they’re struggling by connecting them with in-house or external experts, providing supplementary knowledge resources, and more.

Ensure Trainings Are Completed

Once the right training and coaching program has been identified for an employee, managers can use time tracking to figure out whether employees have invested the right amount of time in the training. Often managers simply look at whether a training has been completed or the employee has been awarded the certification, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that employees have put the right amount of effort into the training.

Time tracking can help discover these things, which in turn can help managers to take corrective action to ensure training is done well – whether it be addressing motivation issues for employees or bettering the training content and delivery.

Effectiveness of Training 

Time tracking tools can also help collect information that will show you how effective your training is. Once training has been completed, managers can check whether the productivity and performance of employees in the relevant assignments have become better. For example, whether their performance has gone up in using those tools where they were getting stuck. By looking at this data over a period of time, managers can understand whether the training programs are working, and if not, it gives them cues to improve the programs.


Training goes a long way, both in terms of retaining staff and improving their skills to be more efficient workers. It should come as no surprise that good coaching is vital, with knowledgeable mentors who can help trainees improve their skills and abilities as they work in your business.

But the key to training is figuring out the right training program for each employee and improving the training programs based on the results teams are able to see. And time tracking tools can be a great way for organizations to achieve this.

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