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Have you ever felt like you could be more than you are?

If you have, what is stopping you? Really ask yourself that question?

Is it fear, lack of motivation,?money? ?When you start to give yourself permission to be better and invest in yourself, your world changes.


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Dual Coaching – Language and Performance Skills for Businesses in Spain


Madrid, 13 June 2012 – Productivity coaching has become a globally recognized platform for performance development and overall business skills, but for many Spanish speaking companies, coaching in English gives the chance to explore even more opportunities within the business world.

Two of the most critical challenges that organizations in Spain face when aiming to improve performance include the development of skills as well as the development of English language skills. English is the global dialect used to bridge the communication gap and Performance skills enable employees and managers to consistently meet strategic goals within the workplace. Dual coaching effectively focuses on both of these challenges, resulting in a powerful tool to improve business skills.

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