Be More Productive in Creating Life Balance

Arе you having a сhаllеngе with wоrk lifе bаlаnсе? Dо уоu fееl рullеd in too mаnу dirесtiоnѕ? Does your lifе ѕоmеtimеѕ fееl likе it iѕ ѕрinning out оf control?

Don’t think that being more productive and a work and life balance don’t go together, in fact, by being more productive; you can create more of a balance in your life. Being more productive is about being more proactive in life instead of reactive. It’s about creating the results you want and taking responsibility for the results you have now. If you are more productive, you are more conscious about making the most of your time and getting the most out of your time! Start to be more productive, get things done faster to free up … Read the rest


You wont reach your goals unless you do this!

Whether your goal is to start a business or to simply start eating more healthily ? whatever the goal ? you will still come up with the same challenge ? yourself!

So be really honest with yourself ? think about the goals you set or intention that you didnt follow through with. Why? What was the reason that you gave up on it?

There is one common factor with every person I have worked with and every one experiences at some time or another ? often the first time!? The resistance which translates into non-action!

You have to do certain things to reach your goal; lets stick with the same example of waking up earlier. What happens when that alarm bell goes off? The … Read the rest


Personal strategic planning for success!

If you have ever started a business, you know that strategic planning is key to your success.  The biggest goal for your business is to succeed, so a lot of time, resources and effort are put into this stage. What about your personal life though? If we know that strategic planning is essential to the success of a business, why don’t we use personal strategic planning for the success in our own lives?

When it comes to our personal life, we tend to overlook how much control we have in having a fulfilled and happy existence.

In simple terms, strategic planning is made up of defining a strategic direction for your business and then deciding what resources you need to allocate to follow this strategy. … Read the rest