Drive Productivity With Powerful Decisions

Drive Productivity With Powerful Decisions

It has been said that we make around 35 000 decisions daily. That is almost a decision every 2.5 seconds if you don’t sleep! It might sound a bit crazy, but the point is every moment of the day you are making decisions; some consciously and unconsciously, big and small ones. What is really important to know is the extent that these decisions influence your daily productivity and your success!

You decide the time you want to get up, what to work on, how much to achieve that day, and most importantly, how to show up. We have a million choices available to us in any given moment and we think that we don’t decide to be lazy, or procrastinate, Read the rest


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To your Success

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Why your challenges are the keys to your success!

We all want to achieve what we desire effortlessly, easily, and with no challenges. Challenge for many people means suffering in some way, pushing yourself really hard and embracing the pain. For those people; it’s understandable that they would run away from challenges, nobody wants to ‘suffer.’

However, it is this perspective about challenge that actually keeps people from achieving their dreams or taking action on their goals. Think of a time in your life when you grew the most, an experience/s where you achieved something important to you; were you challenged in any way? I’m sure you were. When you can see that the challenges you have been through have actually been gifts; you will start to welcome challenges; not run away from them.… Read the rest