Is your mindset undermining your productivity?

Your mindset directly influences your productivity.   The right mindset must comes first, only then will the right action follow – you won’t get what you want with a limited mind. 

Cut the crap and take responsibility for your time! Don’t play the blame game or let excuses stop you from freeing up hours a week. If you are not getting the results you want, look inwards, not outwards, you will get results sooner. Your return on your investment in time is in your hands!!
If you have the right mindset, everything becomes effortless! You won’t get a different result in your time, business or productivity if you stay with the same mindset as you have now! 

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Business Start-ups – What you need to know about time management

Must See Interview for Business Startups

I had the pleasure and privilege to speak with Yeukai Kajidori – CEO of Worldoutsourcingsolutions – where we explore the world of productivity and share Time Management Tips, Tricks & Secrets for Business Owners.

Productivity Coach Shares Time Management Tips, Tricks & Secrets for Business Owners. 

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Time Management Coaching

How Emotional Intelligence Can Influence Your Success

Have you ever noticed how the smartest person with the highest IQ (Intelligence Quotient) isn’t necessarily the one who manages to achieve success?! Many people find themselves at a loss as to how they haven’t managed to bag the job of their dreams even with all their qualifications, technical abilities and high IQ. The truth is, while there is no denying the importance of IQ, underestimating the importance of the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ/EI) often comes at a great cost for many!

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

EI or emotional competence, as it’s often referred to, can be divided into two main categories:

1. Personal competence: This involves the ability to identify and understand your own emotions (self-awareness), as well as to effectively direct them to … Read the rest