If you want to catapult your productivity to the next level, you simply cannot go without this amazing productivity app. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, ‘I have no idea what I did all day’, ‘I just don’t know where my time is going!’ or, ‘I’m working so much, but not accomplishing anything!’.  If you have found yourself saying the same over and over again, then I would seriously suggest starting to track your time, and arming yourself with the latest productivity app to help you effortlessly do this.  

If you are like most people, you probably don’t track your time because it can be agonizing, requiring you to constantly input information, taking tedious to another level when tracking time.  The great news is that those days are over! Tracking your time has never been easier and I have never been more excited as a Productivity coach for this.

Whatever you want to improve in your life, you want to have insights into where you are and how you are performing, this is key. Whether it be work, exercise, or diet, etc, You must understand where you are at and also have a way to measure your progress so you can influence it. If you want to build new habits, for example, you can use a habit tracker. You do this so you can gain insights so you know how you are performing and then you can make the necessary adjustments.

If you want to optimize your time, you need information and insights easily at your fingertips. If you want to be productive, you need quality focus time and to know where you are spending your time.

Rarely does a product come out that I want to write out and celebrate and that is why I’m so excited to share Rize.  Not only is Rize an intelligent time tracker that gives you information without having to do anything, but it helps you to stay focused, motivated and productive.

Here’s why you absolutely must have Rize as part of your tool kit.

First and foremost, I remember when I used to track my time on paper, those days are gone. Rize takes the pain out of time tracking by giving you the data you need without having to do anything, except install the app. To make it more accurate, you name your categories and that’s it, it will do the rest.

They take efficiency to the next level.What normally steals your time? Messaging apps like Slack? Maybe you go onto Google and get lost for hours or Facebook, giving into distractions. Rize shows you how much time you are spending on these platforms, and often it much more than we imagined.

If you are switching context a lot, you are probably multitasking, and you can see this in Rize too. Now that you have data you have awareness to how you are using your time, so you will most likely be more conscious next time you go onto Facebook or spend too much time in Slack or switch from one page to another.

You want to use this information to then decide what you will do differently the next week. Based on the information you get, and what you want to achieve, identify the gap and what needs to change. To help you get started – use this code for a 25% for the first 3 months – TOPRESULTS.

To be productive you want to look out for things like:

  • Focus Time – How much focus time are you getting every day? You can see this on the dashboard and you can also tag the focus sessions so you know what you were doing in that time if you like.
  • How many hours – You can see how many hours you are working, are you working less than you thought or are you working too much and not taking any breaks? The good news is it has a break timer function so you will get a notification if you don’t take a break for a selected period. If you are working a lot of hours but not accomplishing much, you are not working on high impact tasks and most likely being reactive. These are key insights.
  • Multi-tasking – You can see how much time you spend context switching or in meetings that compromise your productivity.
  • Distractions – And you also see which apps or websites are distracting you the most.
  • Where is my time going – If you don’t remember, you can always look back on your days and see what you did.  If you do, look at how you are investing your time, are you investing it in the right places? Are you spending time on important tasks or only urgent? Again, key insights given to you effortlessly.

I know you are getting as excited as I am, because you can use this tool to challenge yourself as well to get better results. If you want to be more focused and efficient, challenge yourself to improve your focus hours or have less distractions each week for example.

When you are on top of your time and your results, you are living life on your terms and in the best way.  Get in control of your work-day and build better habits or simply reinforce every day what you don’t want, you always have a choice.  To change your life, you must change what you are doing now.

Use this code for a 25% for the first 3 months – TOPRESULTS

To your success!

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