Peter and Sarah both work in the same company and in the same department. They share similar positions and have both been working there for over a year. However, Peter is more productive at work and achieves far more than Sarah does. Not only does he get things done in half the time, but he does it more efficiently and effortlessly and now makes more money.

Peter’s biggest support in being more productive is his mindset and this is what sets him apart from many of his colleagues. Having a more productive mindset in life not only means you will achieve what you desire sooner, but that you are also less stressed and overwhelmed with challenges.

Your results, your reality, and life are a reflection of your mindset. How do you create a mindset that will support you to increase productivity and lead to better results in your life? Here are 4 easy ways you can get started now…

Step 1 – Move from the effect side to the cause side of life

In order to think more productively, you need to stop playing the blame and victim game and take full responsibility for your results. When you live life on the effect side, you are merely reacting to what happens to you and making no effort to create what you want instead.

Nobody is going to create the results you want in your personal or working life; you have to do it yourself. Be proactive in taking action that will lead you to where you actually want to go. Don’t blame others for your results.

How much of what shows up in your life do you feel responsible for now?

Step 2 – Stop “thoughting” and start “thinking”

You have around 60 000 thoughts a day bombarding your mind. You are not fully conscious of  all of them, but you still take action on a lot of them. Your beliefs lead to your thoughts and your beliefs come from your past experiences, conditions, and environment, etc. Unfortunately almost everyone develops more negative beliefs than positive ones growing up.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to accept and react on every thought as if it were a fact. If you do this, you become a slave to your thoughts, and you go through life just ‘thoughting’ instead of ‘thinking’. Your thoughts are your personal beliefs, they are not facts and just as some of them support you, others certainly don’t.

Productivity starts with thinking productively.  If you arrive at work with a huge to-do list, your first default thought might be something along the lines of “Oh no, I have so much to do today, I will never get it all done!” How about thinking instead “Ok, I have a lot to get through, what is the best way for me to do this?” This small difference will change your approach and therefore your results.

Do you know that your attitude and way of thinking are choices you make rather than a condition of your experiences?

Step 3 – Practice mindfulness more

If you want to be productive, you need to live more in the present. How productive are you when most of your thoughts are either in the past, wishing something were different or in the future, worried about what you don’t want to happen?

Be more present, be aware of your emotions and energy levels in each moment, as this is key to increasing your productivity. Start to develop this skill, not only will living more in the present change many other areas of your life, but you will find that your creativity, energy and attention increases as your skill does as well.

How much time do you spend in the present compared to thinking about things in the past or worrying about the future?

Step 4 – Consciously create more in life

Challenging your existing thoughts is one step, but re-directing your thoughts and consciously creating them is another. Everything starts with a vision, so always, whatever you set out to achieve,  first get the vision in your mind. Once you have the vision, think about the strategies you can employ to get there, and then, chose the best one for you in that moment.

Once you are clear on the strategy, you can set goals and milestones.  Whether it is a daily goal or something you only want to achieve in a year, it starts with the vision and then the best action can follow on from that. It is not productive to take action without knowing exactly where you are going or if that action is, in fact, the best way to get there.

You can even start with a simple daily vision; how would you like your day to look today? What would being more productive look like to you? You first need to create the mental environment you want to live in.

Whether you want to have a more productive mindset in your work or your personal life, productivity starts in the mind. You can take as much action as you want, but if your mindset is not going to support the results, you will undermine all the effort you have put in.

You decide and create your future every day with your mind, purposely or not! What future are you creating? The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is that little extra.

To Your Success!

Kirstin Odonovan


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