You wont reach your goals unless you do this!

Whether your goal is to start a business or to simply start eating more healthily ? whatever the goal ? you will still come up with the same challenge ? yourself!

So be really honest with yourself ? think about the goals you set or intention that you didnt follow through with. Why? What was the reason that you gave up on it?

There is one common factor with every person I have worked with and every one experiences at some time or another ? often the first time!? The resistance which translates into non-action!

You have to do certain things to reach your goal; lets stick with the same example of waking up earlier. What happens when that alarm bell goes off? The resistance starts and then all the reasons why you cant do it start to come up. The weak voice!

The weak voice normally tells you things like’Just sleep a little longer – You can recommit tomorrow and try again, whats one more day?‘ Or maybe it tells you that you are weak and will never achieve your goals so what is the point, at least you tried!

Your weak voice comes from your pleasure seeking part of your brain. It tries to convince you that the weak part of you is YOU!! But of course it isnt! Everyone has a strong and weak voice ? and the more you listen to the weak voice ? the louder it gets.

The stronger voice knows you should just get up and this is the voice that comes from your thinking part of your mind; the part that creates and wants better things for you. But this voice gets tired much quicker and if you dont exercise it a lot, it gets quieter. Remember you are what you think.

Try this next time
1. Remind yourself that you have a weak and strong voice – it is not YOU.
2. Only listen to the strong voice and remind yourself that your future self will love you for it. Don’t entertain the weak one.
3. Re-commit in the moment to doing what isnt easy ? because you know ? the not so easy is what is going to change things and think about the confidence boost you will have.

It doesn’t get easier than that, one step at a time, and you did it. ?The harsh truth is that?no-one every achieved their goals by being lazy. If you cant manage yourself better and your emotions ? when you just dont feel like it ? you will struggle to?achieve your goals. And that is ok; just dont set them and put yourself through a pointless battle.

THE DANGER IN SETTING GOALS – If you keep setting goals for yourself and you just give up, you are actually indirectly lowering your confidence. And vice versa, every time you say you are going to do something and you do it; not only do you drastically build confidence, but you also create more of what you want. It sounds like common sense ? but common sense isnt common practice.

Remember the weak voice is not you! It is trying to keep you in the same place as you are because its comfortable!

Another really important factor in being able to challenge yourself in the moment, is to have a HUGE WHY, what achieving this goal will do for your life.
Having a huge why (and most often people dont) and challenging yourself in the moment ? are key ingredients to achieving your goals.


To your Success

Kirstin ODonovan

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