I am one of those people who have endless amounts of energy, which is great, but it can come at a huge cost when running my business too!

One of the things that started to become very evident in my life, was that getting organized and structured in my days was the key to catapult me to the next level.  In order to have more success as an entrepreneur, I could not be running around like a headless chicken or avoiding the tasks I didn’t want to do.

If I wasn’t avoiding, however, I would be spending time thinking about what I need to do, then re-prioritizing constantly what I had planned.  I remember I would spend boundless amounts of energy trying to motivate myself to do something that I felt was maybe scary, and it felt like I was often pushing myself to get things done. Even though I have so much energy, I was left overwhelmed and scattered more often than not.

When you begin to work for myself or you start your first business, if this is your first time, you will notice that you will go through a range of emotions in a single day. If you don’t watch out, it’s your emotions that will lead your day and not your plan or diary.

What I didn’t realize, but is very clear now, is that I was leaking so much energy by allowing these emotions to lead my day. This great energy I have is was spent in all these low energy emotions that weren’t getting me the results, this energy could have easily been redirected into my goals and into my intentions and I would have gotten much further faster.

You see what I really realized was that organizing my time and having structure and getting my mindset into the right place to be productive, is KEY in getting the results that I wanted. It will be key in getting your results too.

If you don’t get organized for the week ahead, for example, then your energy often dictates your diary and that will take you into different directions that you probably don’t want to go.

What most of us don’t actually realize is that we’re wasting this beautiful precious energy that we have every day in areas that are taking us backward, never mind not taking us forward, but they’re actually taking us backward in life.

I really want to highlight that time management and getting organized is not only about reaching your goals quicker, but it’s about feeling great on a day-to-day basis because you are using your energy in better places. Instead of being leaked like it is now. 

Structure doesn’t take away creativity, in fact, it allows you to be more creative.  Structure doesn’t take away freedom, it actually gives you more freedom in your life!!

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