Time Management Tip Number 7 – The top free productivity apps and tools to support you in your business!

When I decided to put together a short series on time management tips for entrepreneurs, I found it genuinely challenging to decide what to include, it felt like I was trying to stuff 10 books into a few pages.

In the end, I decided to keep it as simple and broad as possible, providing some tips that, independent of what you do, you could easily apply and see some great results in the short term.

If you take action on the simple tips in this series, you will undoubtedly see a huge improvement in how you use your time. Reading alone will never bring about the change you desire – too many people read about change, but never actually do anything to change. Guess what happens?

Before I share the top free productivity apps and tools you could use to support you in managing your time more effectively, I wanted to recap on what we have covered so far in this series.

Starting out

We have looked at how you can identify what is eating up your time and afterwards, how you can change what isn’t working.

Part 1 – Identify your time thieves and Part 2 – Making a few necessary tweaks

The next step focused on business goals and how to map the out the path to achieving them.

Part 3 – Moving Forward

We looked at creating lists, managing your tasks and how to plan your days efficiently.

Part 4 – Putting everything together
Part 5 – Planning for success

In the previous article, we looked at the challenges you can expect to face when making changes and how best to deal with them.

Part 6 – Challenges when making changes

In this final article, I will share with you some great free tools you can use to support you in managing your time.

If you have missed out on any of the parts above – head over to the article and read it quickly, each step is an essential ingredient in increasing productivity.

We have never lived a time where we had access to so many free tools and apps right at our fingertips. Whatever your needs are, there is definitely an app for you. I have put together some of the top free apps that you can use to support you in staying on top of your game while working.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, managing your time is a huge part of managing your business. Don’t undermine the success of your business by overlooking this key element.

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