3 Steps To Take Back Your Time!

Every one wants more time, but no one really wants to take responsibility for what they do with the time they have. Lack of time seems to be something everyone complains about, yet they do nothing about.

What is more shocking is the truth about time – it’s not just a metric for hours in the day – what we choose to do with our time every minute of the day, brings us the results we have in our lives right now. The results you have is a reflection of how you spend your time. They are all connected, so if you are not getting the results you want, look at how you are choosing to spend your time!

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How to clear your inner conflict

We’ve all experienced inner conflict; those times when we want to do or perhaps change something important to us yet we struggle to take any action. When was the last time you felt torn between the part of you that wants to take action and the part of you that doesn’t? Have you ever found that even though you have all the best intentions, you still can’t muster any action to demonstrate your commitment?

Some people seem to effortlessly take action while others seem to struggle more with some unknown resistance.  If this resistance wasn’t there, taking action would be easy right? So what is really creating the resistance?  It is time to clear the inner conflict.

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