Entrepreneurial Success Starts With Training Your Brain

Ever heard of neuroplasticity? The idea that our brains are hardwired from birth and are therefore unchangeable is now known to be false, at last!!
Think of your brain as malleable plastic – it is constantly being changed by your day to day experiences. In scientific terms, neuroplasticity refers to the “rewiring” of the neurons that process and transmit information in the brain, and the alterations that occur at synapses (the gaps between neurons that allow for information to be transmitted between them). Basically, it about changing how you habitually think to a new way of thinking, habitually. 

When it comes to neuroplasticity, one of the key things to keep in mind is that neural pathways (paths that connect different areas of the brain and Read the rest


Why your challenges are the keys to your success!

We all want to achieve what we desire effortlessly, easily, and with no challenges. Challenge for many people means suffering in some way, pushing yourself really hard and embracing the pain. For those people; it’s understandable that they would run away from challenges, nobody wants to ‘suffer.’

However, it is this perspective about challenge that actually keeps people from achieving their dreams or taking action on their goals. Think of a time in your life when you grew the most, an experience/s where you achieved something important to you; were you challenged in any way? I’m sure you were. When you can see that the challenges you have been through have actually been gifts; you will start to welcome challenges; not run away from them.… Read the rest

Increase Productivity

Top 4 Ways to Create a Productive Mindset Now

Peter and Sarah both work in the same company and in the same department. They share similar positions and have both been working there for over a year. However, Peter is more productive at work and achieves far more than Sarah does. Not only does he get things done in half the time, but he does it more efficiently and effortlessly and now makes more money.

Peter’s biggest support in being more productive is his mindset and this is what sets him apart from many of his colleagues. Having a more productive mindset in life not only means you will achieve what you desire sooner, but that you are also less stressed and overwhelmed with challenges.

Your results, your reality, and life are a reflection … Read the rest